Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More about Water and Flooding

Today it was Ms Marron's turn to do Assembly. Guess what the theme was today? Yes, you've guesed it. - Floods. Ms Marron began by telling us the story of Noah's Ark and the very first flood ever.

Some of Mrs Forde's students had not heard the story before and listened really closely. We in 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes also listened well and found it very easy to understand how Noah and his family must have felt when the rains began. We thought it was a great pity that all Noah's friends and neighbours did not listen to him when Noah warned them that the floods were coming.

We know that the students who were missing from Assembly today, who could not get to school because of the floods would have liked to have someone like Noah to prepare them. Do you think we would all have listened if we lived in Noah's time?

Floods affecting our School

This is a big hello to all the students in Ms Nolan's class who are unable to get to school because of the floods. We know there is water, water everywhere.

We just want to let you know that we miss you all. Just one of our students is managing to avoid all this water and that is Filipe. He has gone to Brazil on his holidays. We are trying to imagine what the sunshine must be like. We hope Filipe will bring us some sunshine back from his holidays.

So hurry back when it is safe to travel and we can all be back together again.

Carol Service/Nativity

Guess what? It is our turn to prepare the Carol service/nativity for the Church this year! Last year Mrs O'Donnell's classes did a wonderful performance. So we have a hard act to follow. Can we do it? Yes, we can!!!

So we will be very busy preparing over the next few weeks. If you hear wonderful clear, loud voices in the corridor, that will be us, practising, practising and practising.

The carol service will take place on Monday 22nd November.

We cannot wait to get started. We know Christmas is now in the air!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Operation Samaritian Purse 2009

Samaritan Purse is an international Christian Relief and developmental organisation meeting the crital needs of victims of war poverty,famine,disease and natural disaster.Our pupils in St. Thomas' filled 72 Shoeboxes with gifts and these boxes will go to the World's most Disadvantaged children.For many of these children it will be one of the few gifts, that they will ever receive.It may seem small but Peterswell's Shoe Boxes can change a Child's Life.Thanks to all the families who donated the shoeboxes.

to some of the world's poorest children