Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yes it had arrived - the day for the Annual trip to the Pantomime in the Town Hall Theatre in Galway.

This year' panto was Mother Goose. Pádraig and Phillip were the busdrivers who took us to Galway. Mrs Forde and Ms Nolan came with us.

We had great fun. We love the costumes and the songs in the panto. Two of the characters dressed a little like 'Jedward' and acted like Bertie Aherne and Brian Cowan.

We all sang the Birdie Song together at the end. It was a fun day out.

2010 Here we Come!

Well we are finally back at school. The snow and frost have melted and gone away and it is safe to drive again. Many of us were without water for many days.

When we got back to school we all talked about our Christmas holidays and what we got from Santa. Santa was really good this year and he had a lot of satisfied customers.