Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Teacher with a Strange Taste in Food!

Two weeks ago it was our teacher Ms Nolan's turn to hold Assembly. All the pupils in the school meet together every Thursday morning in the school library.

Ms Nolan began Assembly by saying she did not have time for breakfast and asked us if we would mind if she had a bite to eat now. We did not mind so she began to open a tin, dipped her spoon in and began to eat. This may not seem very unusal, until we looked at the label on the tin. It was dog food! Ms Nolan was eating dogfood!!! We were all horrified. She wondered why we were so horrified. She showed us the contents. It certainly smelled like dogfood and looked like mushed up dogfood.

Ms Nolan eventually told us that it was actually refried beans in the tin!! She had actually transferred the labels.

She wanted us to learn that you should not 'judge a book by its cover!!' I think we got the message, Ms Nolan.

Christmas Nativity Play 2007

Every second year it is our turn to perform a Nativity/Christmas Pageant in the Church. We alternate with the students in Mrs O' Donnell's room.

We had a wonderful lead-up to the night, sourcing costumes, locating angels' wings and practising our songs and lines.

The event was very well attended. Not only did our Mammies and Daddies, but also grannies, grandads and other people from the parish.

This year Martina Flaherty helped us prepare our selection of songs/hymns and accompanied us on the night with her guitar.

Sweets Galore!

Our annual sweet-making day took place on Wednesday 19th December. This year we were fortunate to have the assistance of Bernie Caulfield (champion pastry maker!) to help us make shortcake biscuits, in addition to our usual truffles, peppermint creams and marzipan treats.

We used our wonderful hall and kitchen to cook and bake and the smell of freshly baked biscuits wafted through the air.

We then packaged our products as scrumptious Christmas gifts for our loved ones.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Our school held its annual Parent Teacher Meeting on Wednesday 14 November 2007. Our teacher Ms Nolan told us that she was very pleased with our work, co-operation and motivation. She had good news to tell our parents.

Well done us!

Coole Park Visit

Our 4th class joined the 5th and 6th Classes in Coole Park on Wednesday 4th November. Mrs O' Donnell was the lucky teacher who was allowed to accompany us. It was a dry day and we were dressed for the occasion in our wellies, hats and coats. We were taken to the Nursery and the Library in the Visitor Centre. Then we had lunch in the Tearoom. We watched a short film about bats in the attic of a school in Oughterard.

Following the film, we went into the woods and learned how trees pollinate. We then made our way to the Turlough and examined the Horse Pump. After that we visited the walled garden, saw the Autograph Tree and the sundial. Thanks to Delores for a wonderful day and to Hilda for making us feel so welcome.

Our school loves being part of the Friends of Coole Programme

Garda Football Tournament

Congratulations to the boys, David, Peter and Mark from Ms Nolan's rooms who represented our school in the Garda Football Tournament in Gort in October 2007. Thanks to Mrs O ' Donnell, Mrs Forde and of course Peter Caulfield our trainer.