Monday, March 12, 2007

50 Word Sagas

One of Terry McDonagh's specialities is the 50 word saga. Not to be outdone - Ms Nolan's classes produced their very own sagas. Eat your heart out Terry!
Saga No. 1
Brendanstein by Chloe
Bang! Bang! Listening to the hammer
Staple! Staple! making a body called Brendanstein in Peterswell school now.
The second school on my journey.
I am made of wood, paper and chickenwire
Head done, arms done, legs now - what next?
How am I? Handsome? Pretty? Awful? Next 3 please

Saga No. 2

A Note from Stan By Colin
Hi my name is Stan and I live in an inkwell in Colin’s table in school.
I spend my days being poked at and being spilled by Colin. I’ve watched in sadness all my fellow inkwells vanish in vandalism and sheer carelessness and only a matter of time before its’ my time.

Saga No. 3

The Sparkling Stone by Joseph
I saw a cave when I was cycling down the path of my house.
I heard a noise. I waited.
I saw something shining.
I looked again.
It was a fairy!
It had something in its hand,
it was a sparkling stone.
It was a glowing sparkling stone. Wow!

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