Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Teacher with a Strange Taste in Food!

Two weeks ago it was our teacher Ms Nolan's turn to hold Assembly. All the pupils in the school meet together every Thursday morning in the school library.

Ms Nolan began Assembly by saying she did not have time for breakfast and asked us if we would mind if she had a bite to eat now. We did not mind so she began to open a tin, dipped her spoon in and began to eat. This may not seem very unusal, until we looked at the label on the tin. It was dog food! Ms Nolan was eating dogfood!!! We were all horrified. She wondered why we were so horrified. She showed us the contents. It certainly smelled like dogfood and looked like mushed up dogfood.

Ms Nolan eventually told us that it was actually refried beans in the tin!! She had actually transferred the labels.

She wanted us to learn that you should not 'judge a book by its cover!!' I think we got the message, Ms Nolan.

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